Simple Grant Application

Simple Grant Application

For grant requests of $3,000 or less

Grant applications are due by April 19. Read through the criteria outlined on this page to see if you organization qualifies to apply for a grant from Marion County Community Foundation.

Eligibility to Apply

To be eligible for a grant, you must demonstrate all of the following characteristics:

  1. Be a non-profit, legally tax-exempt organization.
  2. Be located in and primarily serve clients in the Marion County, Iowa area.
  3. Serve a charitable purpose by enhancing the quality of life in Marion County in areas such as: health, education, culture, religion, recreation or the enhancement and preservation of the county’s heritage.

Principles for Grant Making

  1. The Foundation makes grants to support creative and innovative programs, current or emerging charitable opportunities, services not presently offered and capital projects—all of which should enhance the quality of life in the county. Grants are not made in support of annual operating budgets or for projects normally included therein.
  2. Especially interesting are projects proposed by coalitions of service providers, those likely to gain support from matching fund arrangements, and those replicative in design.
  3. Projects funded should not represent significant duplication of initiatives already undertaken by other non-profit agencies.
  4. Requests will generally be denied for crisis intervention, current budget support, elimination of deficits, reduction of debt or funding of completed projects.
  5. Special attention will be given to projects that apply to broad segments of the population.
  6. Low priority will be given to programs or projects of churches which have a narrowly sectarian purpose. However, programs will be considered if they have ecumenical base or are designed to serve persons in need of food, clothing, shelter or counseling without regard to their religious affiliation.

Criteria to be used by the Distribution Committee

Proposals will be judged on the basis of such things as:

  • The intrinsic merit of the project proposed
  • The priority of the need to be met
  • The ability and past experience of the staff in terms of successful completion of the projects
  • The clarity and measureability of the project goals
  • Plans to fund the project beyond the grant period
  • The feasibility of the time frame given for completion of the project

Marion County Community Foundation grant guidelines and requirements:

  • Grant applications are available February 15th on the Foundation’s website and due by midnight, April 19th of the grant year.
  • The maximum grant request using this Simple Grant Request Form is $3,000. Larger grant requests should use the Detailed Grant Application Form, which is available on the Foundation’s website.
  • Grant awards are normally made once per year in May, and projects are normally completed by the end of the calendar year.
  • Grant recipients must complete an evaluation form after their project is complete. If they fail to do so, the recipients will not be eligible for future Foundation grants.
  • Only the following entities can receive Foundation grants:
    • Nonprofit organizations with a 501(c)3 status
    • Government entities, such as cities, counties and schools.

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