Board History

Listed are the names and years of everyone who has served or is currently serving on the Marion County Community Foundation board.

Board Member History

Name:Years Served
Shirley Borgman2005–2017
Don Croghan2005–2016
John Franey2005–2015 (retired)
David Johnson2005–2015 (retired)
Duane Jones2005–2012 (death)
Will Prather2005–2016
Judy Ripperger2005–2008 (resigned)
Mary Van Zante2005–2016 (retired)
Dr. Kenneth Weller2005–2008 (resigned)
Sheri Roslien2007–2019
Andrea Lawler2008–2013 (resigned)
Jim Dunkin2012–2019
Dale Miller2015–current
Dan Rankin2015-current
Jake Hughes2016–current
Jonith Van Waardhuizen2016–current
Lynn Hinga-Branderhorst2017–current
Curt Schwanebeck2017–current
Jeremy Smith2017–current
Zach Dunkin 2019–current
Kim Huffman2019–current