Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in Endow Iowa through the Marion County Community Foundation?

Endow Iowa is legislation that allows Iowa taxpayers to receive a 25% Iowa tax credit in addition to normal federal charitable income tax deductions for gifts for endowment through the Marion County Community Foundation. For details, see the Benefit from Endow Iowa page.

In essence, Endow Iowa can result in a $1,000 gift being made to endowment at a total cost to the donor of approximately $400, depending upon the specific tax consequences to the individual.

What is the Marion County Community Foundation (MCCF) mission?

The mission of MCCF is to foster private giving, strengthen service providers, and improve the conditions of the community of Marion County. To achieve those goals, it will promote endowment development, community building, grant making, organizational collaboration, needs analysis, and public leadership for the benefit of the people of Marion County.

When was MCCF formed?
The MCCF was developed in 2005 following a legislative initiative that provides annual grants to qualified county community foundations to promote endowment building at the local level, stronger service organizations, and a greater sense of community.
How is MCCF structured?

The Board of Directors includes a broad cross-section of community leaders from all areas of the county. It operates on a local level within a cooperative relationship with the Iowa Community Affiliate Network (Iowa C.A.N.) which, in turn, is a partnership including the Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) and the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation (GDMCF). MCCF is one of 40 county and community foundations that are currently administered by the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines.

As a relatively young foundation relying primarily on volunteers, MCCF is stronger by partnering with a much larger organization that can provide assistance for legal and technical matters as well as advice regarding financial investments.

How will MCCF be maintained?

A dedicated Board of Directors is committed to building an endowment through donations from individuals and businesses who understand the vital role philanthropy plays in maintaining a strong community as well as annual grants from the State of Iowa.

Why contribute through MCCF rather than individually?

There are several reasons that a community foundation makes sense for individuals who seek to give back to their communities and improve them for current and future generations:

  • Donors can give pass-through gifts to improve the grant process, give to the endowment fund, or create charitable funds designed to support issues and groups important to them.
  • Rather than establish a private foundation, using MCCF eliminates the need for personal record keeping, IRS reporting, accounting and investment management.
  • A variety of giving methods offer solutions that meet specific needs.
  • By pooling the assets of individual funds, everyone benefits from economies of scale when reaching investment decisions.
  • Donors can be anonymous in their giving if they so choose.
Are there advantages to working through a community foundation rather than other organizations that provide grant-making and investment services?

Leaders of community foundations have strong ties to their community, and generally have a better understanding of local needs than advisors less familiar with Marion County.

Community foundation directors can offer giving options tailored to individual interests and volunteerism within the community.

Can I make a charitable gift to MCCF in my will?

Yes. Many people discover that a bequest is a satisfying way to continue the community support they provided during their lifetime.