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Thank You from the Pella Police Department

Pella Police Dept. Thank You | Marion County Community FoundationThank you to the Marion County Community Foundation! This week we deployed our active shooter kits to the officers. These kits will allow us to quickly and safely respond to very dangerous incidents of active threats against the community. We hope we never have to use them but know we are trained and ready should something like this ever happen in Pella or the surrounding communities. Thank you, Lt. Haupert for modeling the new gear!

Disaster Recovery Fund activated in response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Disaster Recovery Fund activated in response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Marion County Community Foundation board is making a shift in its annual grant program to respond to COVID-19. After discussion with community leaders, a need for additional funding for first responder/healthcare organizations has emerged. COVID-19 has already changed the way these organizations must conduct business, which has generated additional expenses, and it is anticipated there will be a surge in demand for their services in the coming weeks. MCCF will make the primary objective of its 2021 grant program the support of these critical new funding needs.

Contact: Lynn Branderhorst, Marion County Community Foundation Chair or
Dale Miller, Marion County Community Foundation Co-Chair 1-641-891-7189

The Marion County Community Foundation is an organization based in Marion County, Iowa, with the goal of coordinating and providing philanthropic support for community betterment projects.

Organizations receiving grants come from all areas of the county and serve residents from preschool age to senior citizens.